A Different Kind of Company

With over 29 years experience as an HVAC technician, and 13 years experience as a service department manager, it became very disheartening to see customers struggle with comfort and efficiency issues in their homes regardless of the quality of equipment they had.

In order to find a solution, I decided to continue my education in the science of home building. The more I learned, the more I realized that in many cases, the problems facing my customers could not be solved by ONLY addressing their heating and air conditioning equipment. Often, their problems were a result of poorly designed structures.

I wanted to incorporate this knowledge into the service I provided customers. This led to the establishment of my own company in 2011. Since then, we have been solving the problems our customers face using a scientific method that addresses all aspects of the situation.

Innovative Heat and Air Solutions has a fleet of AC repair vehicles ready to dispatch to your heating or cooling emergency.

Properly and efficiently cooling and heating your home is a scientific process with many variables. We have spent years studying and learning how these variables affect the condition of your air. As a result, we know how to maximum your comfort and efficiency.

If you want an HVAC company that can address more than just HVAC, call us today at (501) 773-9695.

We solve YOUR problems where others have failed.